Cerebra Head Awareness Week

It’s Cerebra’s head awareness week and we’re working with the charity to raise awareness of the challenges faced by children with brain conditions.

Everyday tasks, activities, interactions and experiences can all present a series of challenges to children with brain injury and disability. That’s why Cerebra are committed to listening, researching and innovating to help families of children with brain conditions in the belief that there is no challenge that can’t be overcome.

At Boyes Turner we work with families of children whose brain injuries are the result of accidents or negligent medical care. Our clients have cerebral palsy and neurological disability from mismanaged birth, neonatal injury, delayed diagnosis and treatment of meningitis and other infections, and traumatic brain injury. We understand the challenges faced by the child who struggles with maintaining a healthy posture, mobility, feeding and communication, and the difficulties faced by their families who struggle to provide round-the-clock care. There are financial challenges in meeting the costs of specialist equipment and adapted accommodation, and administrative challenges in securing access to therapies and special education. Where the circumstances of the child’s injury give rise to a claim, we can obtain compensation and provide the knowledge and expertise to meet the additional needs which arise from that injury.

As specialists in high value, complex medical negligence and personal injury claims we work with our trusted medical experts to investigate and pursue each claim. As soon as liability is established we obtain interim payments on account of damages, enabling us to get straight on with helping the family buy in additional care, purchase essential equipment and adapt their home long before the claim is finally settled. Our SEN specialists can help secure the right educational placement for the child whilst our Court of Protection deputy relieves the administrative burden of managing the child’s finances and reporting to the court. With the burden of financial worry lifted and the administration associated with carers, equipment, therapies and housing managed, our clients can enjoy being a family again, knowing that their disabled child’s additional needs are met.

Knowledgeable, organised, responsive, diligent, empathetic and human. I deal with many legal firms during the course of my work and have found the Court of Protection team at Boyes Turner to be, 'Simply the best'.


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