Today is World Cerebral Palsy Day 2016

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood.  It is also one of the least understood.


Today on #WorldCPDay people living with cerebral palsy will join together to share their stories and tell the world …..”I AM HERE … WE ARE HERE”.

The aim of #WorldCPDay is to build a true understanding of what cerebral palsy is and what it is not. Their vision is to ensure that children and adults with cerebral palsy have the same rights, access and opportunities as anyone else in society.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

There are 17 million people across the world living with Cerebral Palsy and another 350 million people are closely connected to a child or an adult with CP.

Cerebral palsy is a permanent disability that affects movement.  The symptoms can range from a weakness in one hand to almost a complete lack of voluntary movement.

Cerebral palsy is a very complex disability.  One in four children with CP cannot talk, one in three cannot walk, one in two has an intellectual disability and one in four will have epilepsy.

Cerebral palsy can result in children if mistakes are made during the birth process.  Boyes Turner Solicitors regularly act for children and their families and represent them during an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the birth.  If a mistake has been made, and an injury sustained as a result of the mistakes, a claim is brought seeking compensation for the injury and the costs associated with cerebral palsy.

Whilst we know that compensation can never right the wrongs made during the birth process, or resolve the injury sustained, compensation can help a family to cope with the long term effects of the condition and address housing and equipment needs that otherwise might not be met.

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