Boyes Turner are now organisation members of CP Sport

Boyes Turner’s cerebral palsy claims lawyers have secured millions of pounds in compensation for families caring for children with a permanent disability caused by negligent medical care. We are committed to using our nationally acclaimed expertise to succeed in these complex claims which make a lasting difference to the lives of those affected by devastating, yet avoidable, brain damage and neurological injury.

We manage our clients’ claims strategically to secure substantial interim payments which bring financial relief and assistance for care, home adaptations and specialist equipment long before the claim reaches settlement. Compensation payments are structured to give our clients the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed lifelong financial provision, along with access to capital sums for large purchases and unexpected contingencies. Our support goes beyond the compensation claim; our education specialists help families secure the school placements and educational support that is best suited to their child’s special needs and our Court of Protection deputies work with our clients and their case managers to safeguard and manage the legal and administrative obligations that accompany a large compensation award.

We understand the difficulties that our disabled clients face in accessing sports and leisure activities and the health and wellbeing benefits of participation in sporting and team pursuits. Whilst we can help facilitate access to leisure activities for our clients, we believe that anyone with a disability who wishes to do so should have the opportunity to pursue their sporting goal or participate in sport.

That is why we have become organisation members of CP Sport, the country’s leading national disability sports charity and founding member of the British Paralympic Association and the English Federation of Disability Sports. CP Sport’s mission is to improve quality of life for people with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities through sport, physical activity and active recreation. Each year the charity provides sports opportunities for 4,000 children and adults.

To find out more about how CP Sport can help you get into cerebral palsy sport follow them on twitter or check out their website

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