Cerebral palsy claims

Our cerebral palsy and birth injury team have decades of experience in dealing with medical mistakes which can happen during pregnancy and birth.

Common birth injuries involving injury to the baby include:

Mistakes can also be made when the baby is still being looked after in the hospital, for example:

  • delay in identification and treatment of neonatal infection, jaundice or blood glucose levels (hypoglycaemia).

Common birth injuries involving injury to the mother include:

  • Episiotomy
  • Third and fourth degree vaginal tears
  • Forceps or ventouse delivery
  • Caesarean complications
  • Fissures (a tear in the skin round the anus).

Typically birth injury claims will result from mistakes during the birth process and often will involve midwives or doctors falling to take proper account of a baby’s distress whilst in the mother’s womb or in the birth canal.

Newborn babies may suffer birth injuries whilst they adapt to life outside the womb if they are not properly managed.


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I have to say I was extremely impressed with the service in what was a very difficult time for myself and my family. The advice and support I had from the team was fantastic and invaluable. They put mine and my wife's mind at rest on many occasions and got a great result for us. Thank you from all of us.

Mr Horne

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