£2+ million compensation settlement for dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy sufferer

Our client

Holly* was injured as a result of birth injury negligence during her delivery, which resulted in a diagnosis of dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy. Holly needs a lot of help with her day-to-day life and depends on a number of aids and appliances to help her get around and communicate with those around her.

A child with dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy may make unintended movements that might appear to others to look like writhing. They will also have problems with sitting and standing and may struggle with movements such as gripping.

The result

Our specialist cerebral palsy claim solicitors secured £2+ million birth injury negligence compensation for Holly and her family in her claim for birth injury. This amount was achieved after an offer of £1.5 million was at first rejected by our specialist cerebral palsy claim solicitors on behalf of Holly and her family.

The claims process

We were contacted by Holly’s family in order to look into a claim for birth injury arising from the circumstances of her delivery in 1997. Our cerebral palsy claim solicitors began investigating what happened to Holly during her birth and how the severe birth injury that caused the dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy could have been avoided. This involved reading through medical notes and files for Holly and her mum, and consulting a number of experts on birth injury negligence, including a consultant obstetrician, a midwife, neonatologist, paediatric neurologist and neuroradiologist.

We contacted the hospital on Holly’s behalf setting out what happened during Holly’s birth and how we believed birth injury negligence had taken place to cause her dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy. The claim for birth injury made by our cerebral palsy claim solicitors included how negligence during Holly’s mum’s labour could have been avoided and that this would have meant Holly would have been born without her brain injury.

Did the hospital admit fault?

The hospital made an offer of £2.5 million to our cerebral palsy claim solicitors in response to the claim for birth injury and this was accepted.

How was the case funded?

Legal aid was granted and there was no cost to Holly or her family in making their dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy claim through our cerebral palsy claim solicitors.

The future for Holly

With the financial support provided by the £2.5 million birth injury negligence compensation for her dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy, Holly and her family can ensure that her special needs are met, now and in the future.

*All names have been changed for client privacy. 

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