£2.5 million compensation recovered for dystonic cerebral palsy sufferer

Our client

Fiona* was a victim of cerebral palsy negligence when she suffered a severe brain injury during her delivery, which resulted in severe dystonic cerebral palsy. She cannot work or live independently, needs round the clock care and her life expectancy is estimated at around just 35 years.

A child with dystonic cerebral palsy often has no control over their posture and may make movements that they don’t mean to make. The may look at times as if they are writhing.

The result

Our specialist brain injury claim solicitors negotiated compensation of £2.5 million for the severe brain injury suffered by Fiona during her delivery.

The claim process

We were contacted by Fiona’s parents and asked to look into whether cerebral palsy negligence had taken place during her delivery to cause the severe brain injury that resulted in her dystonic cerebral palsy. This involved our brain injury claim team looking at medical reports for Fiona and her mum and obtaining the opinions of experts in cerebral palsy negligence.

We contacted the hospital setting out what we believed had happened to Fiona and how we thought that cerebral palsy negligence was responsible for her severe brain injury. The claim made by our brain injury claim team stated how Fiona’s brain was deprived of oxygen during her delivery and how this was the cause of the severe brain injury that resulted in her dystonic cerebral palsy.

Did the hospital admit fault?

No. The hospital’s response was that Fiona was suffering from a genetic disorder and it was that disorder which caused her dystonic cerebral palsy. Our brain injury claim team obtained a report from a professor of genetics, stating that her dystonic cerebral palsy was not genetic but more likely to be the result of a severe brain injury.

The future for Fiona

Thanks to the £2.5 million compensation for her brain injury claim, Fiona’s family will be able to make sure she is supported, and that her special needs are met for the rest of her life.

*All names have been changed for client privacy. 

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