Birth injury negligence claim success against Frimley Park Hospital

Our client

Nathan* suffered an injury during birth when delays meant that he was not delivered fast enough, despite obvious signs that he was very distressed. This caused a very severe birth injury that resulted in quadriplegic cerebral palsy and severe intellectual impairment. Sadly Nathan died at the age of 4 as a result of complications from his quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Quadriplegic cerebral palsy is the result of a child being deprived of oxygen during his or her birth. This type of cerebral palsy affects all four limbs, often making muscles rigid. A child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy may have severe learning difficulties and epilepsy, and will need a lot of care.

The result

Our specialist cerebral palsy claim solicitors secured cerebral palsy compensationfor Nathan’s family for his injury during birth for a substantial confidential sum.

The claims process

Our cerebral palsy claim solicitors began looking into the events during Nathan’s delivery when we were first contacted by his family. We read through medical reports for Nathan and his mother to try and understand how his injury during birth occurred and how his quadriplegic cerebral palsy could have been prevented. Our cerebral palsy claim solicitors also spoke to a number of experts to obtain their views and opinions on how the injury during birth took place.

Boyes Turner’s expert cerebral palsy claim solicitors then contacted the hospital on behalf of Nathan’s family setting out the circumstances of his birth, how we believed hospital negligence had taken place to cause his quadriplegic cerebral palsy and that Nathan’s family were entitled to cerebral palsy compensation. This included how monitoring of Nathan had not been properly carried out so that his distress had not been noticed in time to arrange of a quicker delivery. Boyes Turner’s specialist cerebral palsy claim solicitors also highlighted that the drug systocinon had been misused.

Did the hospital admit fault?

No, but the hospital was still willing to settle with our cerebral palsy claim solicitors for a substantial confidential amount of cerebral palsy compensation. The cerebral palsy compensation settlement took into account the large amount of additional care Nathan had needed during his short lifetime as a result of his injury during birth. It also incorporated a discount to a full value to reflect complicated nature of the cerebral palsy compensation claim with the trial approaching.

*All names have been changed for client privacy.

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