Profoundly brain damaged baby claim settled after hospital negligence led to child's death

Our client

Samuel* suffered a severe brain injury during his delivery when delays meant that his brain was deprived of oxygen causing an ischaemic brain injury. Samuel went on to develop cerebral palsy as a result of the ischaemic brain injury and sadly died aged three from complications caused by his cerebral palsy.

The result

Our specialist cerebral palsy negligence solicitors obtained substantial compensation for Samuel’s family for the ischaemic brain injury – the amount is confidential.

The claim process

When our cerebral palsy negligence team was approached by Samuel’s family we began looking at the circumstances of his delivery and how the ischaemic brain injury that caused his cerebral palsy happened. This included reading through medical reports for Samuel, his twin, and his mother and speaking to a number of cerebral palsy negligence experts. These cerebral palsy negligence experts were looking at how the severe brain injury that caused Samuel’s cerebral palsy occurred, and how this could have been prevented.

We contacted the hospital on behalf of Samuel’s family and set out what we believed had happed to Samuel to cause his severe brain injury and how cerebral palsy negligence had arisen. This included highlighting the mistakes during Samuel’s delivery where, as the second of two twins, his distress was not detected as medical staff were monitoring his mother’s heart rate, thinking it was his. As Samuel’s problems during birth were not spotted, he suffered the ischaemic brain injury that caused his cerebral palsy.

Did the hospital admit fault?

The hospital settled Samuel’s family’s cerebral palsy negligence claim for the ischaemic brain injury confidentially.

*All names have been changed for client privacy. 

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