Managing your compensation

Setting up a trust

Once compensation is awarded from a cerebral palsy claim then a specialised trust can be set up mainly to protect means tested benefits. However, there are many other good reasons that a trust should be set up. We can offer the support needed when handling large sums of money through our contacts with highly reputable financial advisers and at the same time protect the money for the benefit of the child.

Securing your property

We are also able to offer help and advice on purchasing a property within the trust and assist in contacting case managers and specialised surveyors so that the house can be adapted for the child's use.

Safeguarding the future

In addition to setting up these specialised compensation trusts we are also able to offer support and advice to those whose award is managed by the Court of Protection. This would be the case if the child did not have mental capacity and was a patient of the Court. We act for Deputies (those appointed to manage the financial affairs of the child) as well as act as the Deputy itself. We can offer sound and practical advice on such applications, annual accounts and the general management of the award.

To find out more about managing your cerebral palsy compensation without any obligation please contact Ruth Meyer.


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